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We could provide a lot of stats and information, but let's start with this.

There's only one statistic from us that should be relevant to you.

How many of the right people are going to actually see your messages and engage with your content?

Our guarantee is that an average of 5,000+ unique people will open it every day… and for a month will average 100,000 views. (We will show you the GetResponse statistics online if you like.)

Of course, our list is much larger than 5,000; but list size means nothing unless you know how many people are opening up the message and who is on the list.

The other important statistic is yours: How many people visit your landing page and fill out your form, or take some other action?  
Double-Duty Dollars Benefit

you will also raise the visibility of your company in the marketplace. 

5,000 Views a day for 20 days is 100,000 views. (People who actually open the e-mail and sEE your message.)

1.2 million exposures a year of your primary message will  raise your profile and build your brand.

People often discount the value of branding, but with the "daily insurance report" it is an added value to generating leads every monthly campaign.

Generate Leads / Build Your Brand / Raise Your Profile
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 Advanced issue found
We'll broadcast your message in 3 ways.
  •  Your display ad will be in the Daily Insurance Report every Monday through Friday, and (actually) opened each day by 5,000+ of the top influencers in the employee benefits industry.​ (Your display ad will rotate from top position to bottom position every 5 days.)
  •  Once each month we will send out a dedicated e-mail to our entire subscriber list with only your content (your subject line - your e-mail message). This is normally sent the 2nd week of your monthly campaign.
  • (NEW FOR 2021) ​​Once each month we will host a webinar with your subject-matter expert. The webinar will be recorded and available after the event. The event will normally be hosted the 4th week of your monthly campaign. (Of course, you could host your own webinar. The value we bring is drawing participants to register and attend.
How much does it cost?
  • If you are creating the graphics and managing your landing page with a form, the price for the: 20 daily ads, the dedicated e-mail, and hosting your webinar, is a total of $2,000 per month.
  • Your commitment is month-to-month, you are never locked in.
Put us on your payroll for a year and we will create new customers and accounts, and make your name and services known to everyone in your market niche. (People engaged in the distribution of health, voluntary, and employee benefits.

It's not only the size of the list; it's who is looking at your messages.
 Advanced issue found
We have grown a list of many of the key people engaged in the distribution of health, voluntary, and employee benefits.
  •  Capturing people's attention has never been harder. Our challenge is to develop messages that will cause your audience to pause and want to learn more.
  • ​We have a very simple and cost-effective platform for creating engagement within the entire ecosystem of professionals involved in the distribution of employee benefits. 
  • ​Our database has been carefully constructed to include the top employee benefit brokers and agencies, as well as high profile influencers such as TPA's, IMO’s, industry consultants, insuretech, etc. 
Helpful information...
  • The pixel size of your display ad (banner ad) is approximately 800 px height by 530 px width.
  • ​The newsletter display ad can be either a jpg or png file.
  • ​Best practices are to link your ad to a landing page with a form / call to action.
  • ​You will be billed monthly / quarterly.
  • ​It is critical to get the subject line of your dedicated e-mail right.
  • ​Anything you can create in HTML will most likely work in your dedicated e-mail.
  • ​Designers; when people are viewing your content in an e-mail, they are not on your website. Links and images should be adjusted accordingly.
  • ​The Daily Insurance Report is published Monday through Friday, except for holidays.
Walt Podgurski
Editor, Daily Insurance Report

Let's talk! Here's a link to my telephone calendar so you can set up a specific time that's convenient for you. I look forward to our call.

The "Daily Insurance Report" guarantees that you will receive a minimum of 40 people who will complete your form / register for your webinar, for each monthly campaign.

If not, we will continue to run your messages until our guarantee is reached at no additional cost.

We frequently achieve more, but 40 is our minimum expectation.

There are no charges or fees for press releases that are published in the "Daily Insurance Report."

Only the first few paragraphs of the press release are included in the newsletter.

The headline will be linked to the entire press release that is on your website, published on your LinkedIn page, etc.

Your headline is critical for all your messages, press releases, ads, and dedicated e-mails.

Most people today are scanning, not reading. Your headline should make someone who is a prospect for your products and services "STOP,"  because they realize the content is something specific they should review.

Press releases should be sent to

The criteria for whether your press release will be published or not is subjective; and may not ever be included in the newsletter. 

Please don't take rejection of your press release personally; we are trying to make the newsletter as relevant and interesting for as many of the subscribers we can.

If your press release is not published on your website, the best alternative is to publish it on LinkedIn-Pulse, and then send us the link to it. This has the additional advantage of being able to promote to your LinkedIn relationships.

Questions? Call Walt direct or use his telephone calendar to set up a specific time that is convenient for you.

Walt - 440-773-1108 -
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